Ready to go on expedition


Ready to go on expedition


Some say you have to be pretty balsy to dare to dream. I’ve never had a problem dreaming. I’ve never had a problem coming up with 1001 ideas.

Speaking them outloud, was a little more difficult. Following through and realizing them also was scary. Answering the “why” question, actually proved not so easy.

Once I was told “when you know yourself, you will find your soulmate.” How much better could I know myself possibly, I wondered…


When you bump your head often enough against the barricades you drew-up yourself, you start exploring your inner-me a little bit more. You start asking questions, and, if you are open enough to it, and relax and allow, you will actually come to the “right” questions that will lead you to all the answers you are looking for.


…a beautiful dream where I built an eco-house on a beautiful piece of land. This house was made from straw bale, looked idyllic and used natural resources to capture energy. The land had a forest, a vegetable pad, sheep, chickens, horses and dogs. It was a place to celebrate the splendour of nature with friends, to be creative in the toolshed, to learn, to sing and dance. I could see it clearly in my minds eye.

I studied all about building straw bale constructions, the use of geothermal energy, water energy and plant energy.

Yet, I never took action.


I could not, clearly, name my intrinsic motivation. My expectations were beyond what I, myself, was prepared to do. I let the realization depend on the go-ahead from others. Well, when it’s your dream, your wish, YOU must take the lead.


And then, as the living happened, as the living continued, I slowly but surely started to get to know myself, truly know myself. With that, many obstacles disappeared or grew smaller.



My dream today hasn’t changed much. My perspective and knowing have, however. I think bigger, know the true feeling of gratitude, I have learned better how to share, how to give and how to receive, and I am open to ask for ideas, inspiration, assistance, and co-creation.


Ulrika is a place in Asturias, Spain, where you come to develop yourself, where you have the opportunity to explore and to learn, to co-create with nature and to play outside. It’s a place where you step out of your comfort zone because you know that will expand your reality and improve our living.



Imagine green rolling hills and, not too far away, the ocean beckons.

You can choose to learn about and participate in Sustainable Building, be part of creating a Food Forest following Permaculture methods, you can choose to take Intensive Training Programs to do cold training (Wim Hof Method -WHM) and strengthen your physical health and mental focus , or dive into your depths and do Fire & Meditation Training and go deep and touch the places inside of you  that seem too far away, or you can learn Creative Cooking, tapping into the natural resources of the area.

That, and so much more!

Ulrika cultivates and stimulates regionomy using sustainable building practices, permaculture practices and the Common Easy insurance principle to optimize well being (economical, social and ecological) for yourself and the region.