Public Programs

Accelerate Transition

As a key to help succeed in our transitioning economy, Ulrika’s training center is dedicated to offering programs for the development of sustainable living.

Themed Programs

Urika’s Purpose Thinking  & Sustainable Living themes are for individuals who are focussed on quality enhancement in work and life, and zest for life and vitality. You receive intensive development trajectories of 1 week or 4 days to help achieve this.

Planned: Physical & Mental Strength

4-day program:

  • Mindfulness Training

    Meditation, yoga, dance, and breathing creating mental space to optimize wellbeing.

  • Creative Expression

    Music, paint/draw and more to enhance life skills.

Planned: Purpose Thinking & Sustainable Living

1-week programs: Transition thinking & doing for building a stronger sustainable economy, ecology and society.

  • Regional gastronomy experience

    Awareness of what is available locally, connect with local suppliers, prepare & cook.

  • Eat what you harvest

    Enhance your cooking skills, get the most out of your food.

  • Straw bale design

    Building sustainably for individuals and communities.

  • Sustainable energy design

    Using solar, geothermal, hydro for individuals and communities.