Business Programs

Accelerate Transition

As a key to help succeed in our transitioning economy, Ulrika’s training center is dedicated to offering programs for development of emotional intelligence.

Themed Programs

Ulrika’s 1-week programs are focussed on personal attention and the bringing about of transformation. They are intensive, confronting, enriching and refreshing. They help managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs overcome challenges by improved focus and self-knowing.


The programs are interactive and challenge your on you intellect and intuition. Practicing to use your ‘soft’ skills in combination with those of co-workers strategically and wisely, is a necessary asset to better thrive, manage yourself and help create further opportunities for growth.

Planned: Life skills & self-knowledge

 1-week programs to enhance soft skills (leadership, communication, and collaboration)

  • Self-knowledge program

    Self-knowledge through the power of connection - getting to know yourself and your assumptions to uncover your convictions and wisdom.

  • Emotional intelligence program

    Transforming skills in performance and engagement

Planned: Physical & Mental Strength

1-week program: Unleash your inner strength by stepping outside your comfort zone. 

  • Cold Training

    Mind focus, commitment, stepping outside your comfort zone strengthening physical health and mental focus.

Planned: Purpose Thinking & Sustainable Living

1-week programs: Transition thinking & doing for building a stronger sustainable economy, ecology and society.

  • Regionomy methodology design

    How to transition to purpose economy thinking and doing and help create a strong practical approach for small and large(r) businesses.

  • Permaculture design

    Optimal crop yield through co-creating with nature, focussing on specific local needs.