Our Vision


Regionomy: growing with the power of connection


Regionomy is a system in which you find worth and profit through connecting regionally.

It is through the close solidarity of companies, organisations and citizens that the earning power and yield not only belongs to the enterprising individual, but to the vital, local society.

To think-up, to make, to endeavour and to improve always works better when you do it from a connection. Not one for the other but: one with other.

In an economy of purpose, the idea is that money no longer is the most important motive, meaning something to humanity is many times bigger. Profit no longer is about the numbers, but about the meaning of an organisation socially and ecologically.


 Permaculture: permanent culture, a system that has the ability to sustain itself 


Permaculture is inspired by natural ecosystems and is intended to increase productivity.

The principle of permaculture takes a forest as example. A forest has a closed-loop cycle with elements (ie. trees, plants, animals, everything underground, bacteria, etc).

By placing the elements strategically (strategic placement is essential!), you don’t only get a healthy piece of garden or forest, but you also create a productive piece of land.

Permaculture builds the bridge between improving & cultivating the natural balance in nature and the humans who can live from the abundance.

This design method ensures social-, garden- and food production-systems that are highly beneficials in today’s society.


Your lifestyle and philosophy on living is a big part of it all


To make the picture complete, consider this:

Be physically active naturally in nature

Know your sense of purpose

Downshift to reduce stress

Eat until you are 80% full

Eat a rich bean/plant based diet and only small amounts of meat

Drink alcohol moderately and regularly

Belong to a community

Put family first and invest in your children/loved ones with time and love

Find the right tribe: small social circle that supports healthy behaviours