Our Focus

Growing with the Power of Connection at Ulrika

A purpose economy driven social enterprise, Ulrika operates as a training and (hands-on) learning center for personal growth and development with a holistic view on living in harmony socially, ecologically and economically. It is a spawning ground for growing with the power of connection.

Ulrika Mission

To accelerate the advent of regionomy by creating mass awareness and providing an accessible-to-all scalable blueprint on how to realize optimizing your region’s wealth socially, ecologically and economically.

Why we want to grow with the power of connection


Knowing that the current western economic system is primarily focussed on financial profit, Ulrika offers a way of creating a transition between doing ‘things the old way’ and working towards adapting to doing them a new way, starting on a micro level.


The bridge for this transition lies in regionomy: a proven methodology in which you find worth and profit through connecting regionally. It is through the close solidarity of companies, organisations and citizens that the earning power and the yield not only belongs to the enterprising individual, but to the vital, local society.


As Richard Branson so eloquently says “screw business as usual”. If you want to flourish in today’s market, a new business model has to be applied where pure financial profit is not the main objective.


There are three pillars upon which we build:

Growing with the power of connection.

Building the bridge between improving & cultivating the natural balance in nature and the humans who can live from the abundance.

Adopting a lifestyle and philosophy on living that supports a long and fulfilling life.

Ulrika Philosophy


When you choose to live in solidarity with one another, you cultivate intellectual and spiritual growth within yourself. 


With this growth, you come one step closer to allowing the best version of yourself, one step closer to giving in gratefulness in your experience of living where balanced exchange and reciprocity are recognized as ideals.