I am one of those people who has moved through mainstream society in all sorts of capacities. Now I have started a new chapter in, what I deem, a new paradise once again.


Like anything in life, we do things because we believe in them or are made to believe in them and therefore we believe that they are the right things to do.

The right thing to do for me, is to do what makes my heart sing. Acknowledging what that was took a while to embrace, but here we are! It has made me land in Asturias, Spain. It has made me pursue my desire of creating a homestead and farm, connecting with people regionally, exchanging skills and knowledge, going on adventures in the wild, embracing the unknown and utterly delight in Mother Nature.


I am at the very beginning of this journey and look forward to welcoming new wonders into my living experience, especially people. What would we do without each other? As like-minded human beings, we can share in the joy of making the changes we want to see, of growing with the power of connection. 


Here’s to challenging myself, stepping outside of my comfort zone, being thankful everyday, being connected to Mother Nature and making my desires be my reality. Here’s to being a human creator!



Joy is the fastest path to what Is