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Shifting values and norms to a purpose driven society restores & cultivates the natural balance between the environment and humans. It also supports adopting a lifestyle and philosophy on living a long and fulfilling life as an individual and society as a whole.

Facing the Challenge

Our western society is primarily financially driven.

This causes short-term financial gain in a consumer-driven economy. The long-term result is the dying-off of our global ecosystem as well as the sequestering of our society.

Pain point 1


Dying-off Ecosystem

Priority on financial gain, consumerism, and convenience shopping have ensured a disregard for long-term effects on our ecosystem.   Policies are built around financial gain, education is focussed on high achievements, society is geared towards consumerism. There is a major disconnect between what you take and how it exhausts the resources of the planet. Sustainability, in any form, is not the norm. 

Pain point 2


Sequestered Society

Individual gain and personal accomplishments are stimulated over social cohesion. This translates to hard-skills being prioritized and soft-skills & emotional intelligence taking a back-seat.  Regional connectedness, social involvement and the desire to grow together socially, ecologically and financially, are not the norm.

Pain point 3


Digital Revolution

The digital age has been geared towards optimizing mass acceleration of financial gain, technological innovation, consumerism, individual gain and personal accomplishments.  The dependence on digital tools is so much a part of the societal fabric that feeling connected to the grid is the norm as well as social separation between human generations, and our natural and digital environments.

Our Solution

What we are doing to make change

By transitioning to purpose-thinking and purpose-doing; we contribute to changing the fundamental way western society understands the meaning of ‘economy’ to be today.

Permaculture instead of Monoculture

Permaculture stands for permanent culture, a system that has the ability to sustain itself, like the closed-loop ecosystem of a forest. It is a system of cultivation intended to maintain permanent agriculture by relying on renewable resources and a self-sustaining ecosystem.  Contrary to monoculture, it does not deplete the earth’s soil. The cultivation of permaculture crops also requires less work and provides at least the same yield, if desired.

Solution 1

why Permaculture

Solution 2

Groeien met de kracht van verbinding Regionomie

Growing with the Power of Connection 

Applying regionomy, a proven methodology in which you find worth and profit through connecting regionally.  It is through close solidarity of companies, organisations and citizens that the earning power and the yield not only belongs to the enterprising individual, but to the vital, local society. This is growing with the power of connection.

Purpose Economy instead of Financial Economy

As regionomists say “To think-up, to make, to endeavour and to improve always works better because you do it from a sense of connection. Not one for the other but one with the other. In an economy of purpose, the idea is that money no longer is the most important motive, meaning doing something for humanity is many times bigger. Profit no longer is about the numbers, but about the purpose of an organisation socially and ecologically.” And for that, you need more than just hard skills. For that, you need feeling, a sense of connectedness with yourself and with your professional and personal environment, understanding the impact you make as an individual and as an organisation.

Solution 3