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solution to a better world

As individuals, we have the power to shape our world by choosing to live with purpose. By shifting our norms and values to be more purpose-driven, we can have a positive impact on our social and ecological environment, restoring and cultivating a natural balance between the environment and humans. This also encourages us to adopt a lifestyle and philosophy that allows us to live a long and fulfilling life, both as individuals and as a society.


We can develop our potential and make a positive impact on our world by engaging in explorations of life skills and self-knowledge to enhance our leadership, communication, and collaboration skills. Through physical and mental strength exercises, we can relax and create space for our fullest potential to come through. Additionally, by actively engaging in philosophy and purpose-thinking, we can stimulate the development of a stronger, more sustainable economy, ecology and society, and apply some of the most powerful lead-by-example activities to help resolve the current human and therefore climate health crisis.


Food supply

Nature has provided us with a selfsustaining ecosystem that can be optimized for humans through permaculture, allowing for rich biodiversity and a closedloop food production system year round. This demonstrates the interconnectedness of our world, and how we can work together with nature to create a sustainable and productive food supply.


Mindset of regional value creation

Thewe mindset is essential for creating a longterm strategy that will ensure success for generations to come. By engaging in regional dialogue to discover strengths and generate new opportunities, we can foster a culture of collaboration and collective development, allowing us to thrive socially, ecologically, and financially.


Transition thinking

We must be open to connecting and living with a purpose for the greater good of humanity, and be willing to accelerate policymaking that supports ecological, social and financial sustainability. By embracing this openness and willingness to serve a greater purpose, we can create a more sustainable future for all.

Building Ulrika near the Costa Esmeralda

I am building the ULRIKA homestead and farm near the coast of northwestern Spain because I believe it will be a unique and profound experience. It is close enough to major cities with access to excellent road infrastructure, and yet far enough away to be surrounded by the incredible natural splendour. I am excited to eventually offer such a special place to others to explore and appreciate!


Asturias Paraiso Natural

Sunrise on rolling hills Asturias


We are inviting business collaborators to be part of realizing our ULRIKA social enterprise.



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