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The Ulrika Expedition – part 2



So, what do we do on this Ulrika expedition?

Well, for one, making the journey of realizing a training and (hands-on) learning center for personal growth with a holistic view on living in harmony socially, ecologically and economically in the region. Why do we call it an expedition? Because it’s an exploratory journey and we do it together!


With the help of like-minded individuals, anything is possible. We’ll bring the training center to life in Asturias, Spain starting with 10 hectares of bare land. And because this is rather a special journey, we invite you to be part if it!

Our expedition grounds will consist of:

  • 8 hectares of land including sustainable structures of straw bale.
  • Use of renewable energy through solar panels and geothermal pumps.
  • 2 hectares of food forest
  • High-end training center for self-development, trainee lodging facilities,
  • Regional produce market
  • Several craftsman workplaces
  • Several housing units

Story #2
Does this sound interesting to you? Do you want to have a socially, economically and ecologically healthy community where you live? Learn more about the benefits of permaculture? Create an edible garden or food forest, how to go about building with straw bale and so much more?

Make valuable connections and build with us, or simply apply your new knowledge and connections and build your own.

You can sign-up HERE for our newsletter now to stay in the loop for upcoming meet-ups! These will be taking place in the Netherlands. Looking forward to connect with you 🙂


HEDWIG, Founder Ulrika

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