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We’ll organize meet-ups in the Netherlands before we start our process in Spain. We’d love to connect with you.



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Growing with the power of connecting

You learn by sharing and doing. That is why we have created the opportunity to be part of our learning experience from the ground up.


Ulrika will be a spawning ground for living the change.





Edible forest

How do you start the development and creation of a food forest? What things do you have to consider? How much does it cost? Where do you find like minded people and experts to co-create with you along the way? Just a few of the many questions that we will explore to get answered.


Workshop series How-To in the Netherlands

We will be creating a series of workshops taking you along in our journey that will cover all aspects required before actually planting the edible forest.


Practical experience on location in Asturias, Spain

From there, we will take our knowledge and start planting at Ulrika in Asturias, Spain.


There, you will have the opportunity to get first hand experience by being part of the creation process. This means putting to practice what we have learned in the workshop series How-To!





Workshop series How-To straw bale building

Just like with the edible forest, we will answer the how-to questions of building with straw bale in a series of workshops.


Practical experience on location in Asturias, Spain

Seize the opportunity to experience first-hand the construction of all types of building with straw-bale. From a training center, to cabins, to a row of houses. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to learn in depth what the possibilities are!



Where lies your heart!

Being a trainer or being a trainee? Or maybe both?


Programs start in 2020!

You will be doing your training in a just-built state of the art center!

As you will have gathered by now, Ulrika is a place where sharing, doing and sustainable living are pillars upon which we build. You may enjoy this on our 10 hectares of land and we encourage you to bring what you’ve seen and learned back to your own region!




Ulrika Training Center

Here you come to develop yourself, here you have the opportunity to explore and to learn, to co-create with nature and to play outside. It’s a place where you step out of your comfort zone because you know that will expand your reality and improve your living of this life.



Our programs are taught by experienced and passionate trainers who will give you an experience you’ll cherish forever. Are you the kind of trainer who can do that? Or would you like to experience that? We invite you to connect!


Choose your program

7-day training programs around:

  • Sustainable Building using straw bale and renewable energy
  • Creating a Food Forest following Permaculture methods
  • Intensive Training Programs such as cold training (Wim Hof Method -WHM) to strengthen your physical health and mental focus
  • Dive into your depths and do Fire & Meditation Training to go deep and touch the places inside of you  that seem too far away
  • Creative Cooking, tapping into the natural resources of the area.


4-day training programs around:

  • ART: making art as therapy
  • MUSIC: (regional) music making
  • FEELING: the road to letting go and tapping into your full potential